My Story


My name is Jasmine Harrison, I'm 21 

I live in Thirsk, a small market town, in North Yorkshire 

I am a part time swimming teacher and bartender

I love sports, adventure, culture, animals and food

Many people are asking me 'why on earth I would want to do this row?' So here is a not so simple answer...

I did this challenge for many reasons.  

1: I happened to be in Antigua for the finish of 2018 race and got talking to some of the support team in English Harbour. It wasn't  just watching and holding the flares at Nelson's Dockyard for a race finish that inspired me, it was also talking to a family member of a lad that had just completed who told me just how much of an amazing thing it was.  I didn't say 'not a chance I would do that' it was more a fact of why not do it?

2: I was travelling around on a sailing boat through the Caribbean and only in Antigua did I feel as though I had found something I was looking for without even knowing that I was looking. Particularly after seeing some of the islands that were so badly affected by the hurricanes in September 2017, like Dominica that had almost no help in recovering.   (The only reason I got into sailing and extended my trip to reach Antigua was because of an opportunity to sail to Dominica and deliver supplies). It was also not being able to get to Barbuda because even months later the damage to the coast was still so great.  So I have picked a charity, ShelterBox, which helps in circumstances like this.

3: It took a while to finally convince myself to go for it after returning home from 7 months away, getting a job and doing 'normal life' still whilst finding time to travel Europe. In Bulgaria I finally decided that I was going to do it.   Especially because then I could be the youngest solo female to ever row an ocean and try and inspire more young people particularly girls to just give something a go.  The more it scares you the more achievement you can gain. Anxiety is now such a common thing over some of the smallest of tasks, I would be lying if I wasn't scared to do this knowing all the daunting obstacles that I will face, so I am asking support from everybody so that confidence boosting can be a universal normalised compliment. 

I enjoy travelling by myself because I see so many rewards.  If you want to do something NOW is the time; I'm seizing this opportunity to go solo!

I believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.