My Story


Jasmine Harrison,  22 

I live in Thirsk, a small market town, in North Yorkshire. 

After finishing A-levels I decided to go traveling because I never had really been outside the UK properly before. The Caribbean was the place to go and so I spent 7 months living there both on land and on a sail boat. I was in Antigua in January/February 2018 and saw the finish line of the Atlantic challenge, it was then that I knew I would do it someday.

Fast forward, I came home after running out of money and got a job behind a bar, I was swimming teaching as well. Saved up and continued to travel around Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Albania, Greece, etc...)

Only whilst exploring and creating my own micro adventures I knew I wanted to do something bigger so entered the Atlantic rowing race (having never rowed before!)

18 months of preparation all though a global pandemic I got my boat Argo, all equipment, food and of course training to be able to set off by myself on a voyage that could take up to 100 days. la Gomera in the Canaries was the start line and 70 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes later after hallucinations, sleep deprivation, hunger, injuries, capsizes, a near miss with a drilling ship and a lot of blood, sweat and tears I made it to the finish line a world record breaker.

So what's next?

well after becoming global, I have been offered ambassadorships and lots of opportunity to do talks and share my story. I am also currently writing a book hopefully to get published in 2022. But what I really want alongside this is to continue to travel and do another big adventure... any ideas?