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I'm Jasmine and in 2020 I will be rowing across the Atlantic solo, representing team RudderlyMad to raise money for ShelterBox.

I live in a small town in North Yorkshire, I am part time swimming teacher and part time bartender. In-between work I love going off an exploring new places and creating my own challenges along the way, which also inspired me to do this challenge because so many people have a perception that just because you are young and female that you can't do something, so here I am doing exactly that! This is a life changing race and I can't wait to take it on.

The Challenge 

The challenge is to row 3000 miles from La Gomera in the canary islands to Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua in the Caribbean. I have chosen to take on this challenge solo!

I aim to be the youngest solo female to ever row the ocean!

I want to inspire young people to get out there and do something, whether that be changing the world or just doing something outside your comfort zone, too many people fear the world even the smallest thing like going out by yourself without being glued to your phone, too many people are scared to adventure particularly on their own. If I can row 3000 miles by myself taking up to 3 months not seeing anybody or land, stabilising my own mental capability whilst having physical exhaustion then I would hope that somebody could sit by themselves on a lunchtime without thinking they need the image of popularity. Not only that but it would be raising money for an amazing charity.

If you would like to be a sponsor and help represent me then Click here...

Shelter Box

Shelter Box is an amazing charity which provides aid and relief world wide for people that have been affected by natural disaster, they provide emergency help and put shelter back over families lives. Volunteers take these lifesaving boxes to people that need it the most, included in them are tents, blankets, food. Click here on the link to their website to find out more.


Blue Marine Foundation

The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is a charity dedicated to restoring the ocean to health by addressing overfishing, one of the worlds biggest environmental problems. their vision is a healthy ocean forever, for everyone. 

BLUE is another perfect charity to raise money for through my row as i can help them fund projects dedicated to the atlantic, around places such as St Helena.

This charity was nominated by my major sponsor VetUk.

Above and beyond different to normal

Jasmine Harrison, Rudderly Mad